About Us

Auswest Coatings started trading in July 1997 as a small business specialising in waterproofing to residential and small commercial projects. Today this company has developed into a multi-faceted business capable of handling not only many ongoing projects at the same time, but the largest and most specialised of architectural designs in commercial and residential waterproofing works.

Building specialised teams capable of handling

  • Sheet Membrane systems – All types including new and refurbishment
  • Liquid membrane systems – All types including new and refurbishment
  • Acoustic matting and membranes
  • Protective and epoxy coatings
  • Leak sealing and crack repair
  • Finishing silicone

The Auswest Coatings team has built a reputation based on quality workmanship for a competitive price, enabling repeat works over the last 20 years from the likes of BGC, Pindan, PACT, Psaros, Emco, Perkins, Badge, Jaxon etc and residential builders the likes of Palazzo Homes, Adrian Zorzi, Zorzi Builders, Domination Homes, Invogue, Metro Homes etc

These companies continue to choose this quality waterproofing contractor as sites and architectural design demand reliability, understanding & trades to get the job done.

CALL AUSWEST COATINGS TODAY ON 0417 973 639 OR EMAIL john@auswestcoatings.com.au

Project Media

Starting out large basement waterproofing system For BGC St Ives Project on compacted sand base.

Carrying out a roof inspection as part of our QA before area is cleaned and ready for waterproof membranes.

Electronic scanning of Basement waterproofing membrane installed by Auswest Coating at the PACT Faulkner Road site.

Product & System Information